Download Great writing 2 (PDF)


The Great Writing series uses clear explanations and extensive practical activities to help students write great sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Each book contains a wide variety of writing models in carefully selected rhetorical styles that provide practice in working with the writing process to develop a final piece of writing.
Guided, structured activities help students to quickly master writing tasks.
Student writing models help students focus on specific writing skills and multiple rhetorical structures.
Timed writing activities prepare students for success on standardized tests like the TOEFL®.
The “Brief Writer’s Handbook” located at the back of the student book is a quick-reference resource for effective writing suggestions.
“Building Better Vocabulary” features teach students how to accurately and effectively use written English.
The Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® allows teachers to create tests and quizzes easily.
The Classroom Presentation Tool makes instruction clearer and learning simpler.

Download click here

Download How to write great essays. click here


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