Free download Understanding English Pronunciation (Audio)

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Boyer Educational Resources have developed an excellent, highly comprehensive English pronunciation resource for

learning English pronunciation.

Understanding English Pronunciation has an easy-to-follow format which presents the features of English



pronunciation that are important for everyday communication in English. This a very popular book for students

learning English and English teachers.
Understanding English Pronunciation is suitable for adolescents and adults, as it presents learning activities and exercises

through a variety of interesting topics.Each unit examines and provides practice with a particular feature such as word

stress, stress within sentences, pausing, linking and intonation for assisting you with learning English pronunciation.

Understanding English Pronunciation is recommended for private study (as the answers to all exercises are included) or

as a class course book for learning English pronunciation through analysis and practice.

Using Understanding English Pronunciation, with its accompanying audio recording, you will:

learn ways to overcome listening and pronunciation problems
hear and practise the pronunciation of new words
learn to hear the difference between the individual sounds of English in context
hear extended stretches of speech which demonstrate features of spoken language
examine the link between English spelling and pronunciation
learn to use your dictionary for independent study
feel increasing confidence as your listening and speaking skills improve.


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